Exclusive, cutting-edge music production livestreams

Have you outgrown YouTube tutorials about Serum and sidechain compression? Are you looking for more in depth and more advanced techniques that will take your tunes to the next level?

With Stereogate you can book exclusive livestreams by established artists and the best music producers in the industry.

Our livestreams have a limited amount of participants to keep it small and provide you the highest quality learning experience.

What will you learn during a livestream?

Stereogate livestreams allow you to learn a large variety of music production topics. These topics will be carefully selected by the artists.

Depending on the topic, these are some things you can expect:

  • Advanced sound design

  • Track breakdowns

  • Mixdown techniques

  • Workflow

  • Music business / marketing & branding

Who are we?

We are a small group of passionate music producers who want to improve the process of growing as a music producer and artist.

We have all come across the point in our music careers where we no longer find YT tutorials useful, we want advise from the best producers out there, we want to see how they are doing things and this is why we created Stereogate.

We also organize music production retreats for advanced music producers, check us out here: https://pitcch.me/